Leading Conference and Event Management Company, EECW Pty Ltd, Releases New Brand Identity

enchanta“We are so excited about this new chapter in EECW’s story” said Managing Director Alison Petrie.

“The decision to change such a well-known and established brand was not taken lightly, and the Directors of EECW Pty Ltd deliberated on this for some time before making the decision to proceed.

Consequently we selected The Lover & The Engineer, a consultancy firm specializing in brand storytelling, to help us on the journey to a new trading name and identity. It has taken nearly a year of research and the process was thorough, also involving our team, and we are so happy with the result. It was worth the wait”.

The word encanta is Spanish and principally means ‘enchant, captivate’.
“The name epitomizes us as a company, we all love what we do and our collective aim is to delight our clients with creative and personable event management. Coupled with precision project management which we are renowned for, it’s a strong combination. The EECW legacy lives on, but our fresh new identity and logo sums up beautifully the passion and enthusiasm we bring to every event” Alison explained.

The logo was designed by Perth company Design Control and features an ethereal colourful free form cloud, depicting the magical creative element, allowing the structured letters of encanta to come through, to be seen. The word encanta is always there, but it takes the cloud to bring it out. In essence without the magic and passion there would be no Encanta.

“I wanted to demonstrate how creativity and structure are reliant on each other to produce something wonderful. I have worked with the team at EECW for a number of years so have really come to know first-hand how passionate each and every one of them is about delivering outstanding events efficiently but also with a lot of heart” said Murray Jongeling the designer of the new brand.

“You can tell straight away they care about their clients and are passionate about delivering a high level of personal service to stakeholders” he went on.

Encanta Event Management is one of only eighteen Professional Conference Organiser Association Certified Event Management Companies in Australia.

For further information, contact:
Alison Petrie
M: 0413 168 426
E: alison.petrie@encanta.com.au

PCO Association Councillor, WA