Meetings industry ‘under promoted’

Taleb RifaiTaleb Rifai, secretary-general of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), has told Imex delegates the meetings industry is ‘powerful’ but under-promoted. Rifai urged event planners to better promote themselves through data and also highlighted sustainability, visas and access to travel as key challenges affecting the meetings industry.

“You must better promote the true value of the meetings and travel industry and produce data to promote our assumptions about the sector,” he said.”The meetings industry is young in comparison to other sectors such as finance. It is also a complex one, as it is not easy for people to understand the magnitude of the sector.

“The progress of meetings contributes a large percentage to the tourism sector and the tourism sector contributes to the greater economic and social development of the world. Knowledge is spread through your industry. The sector is one of the most resilient and powerful industries in the world….more

Get Connected

The most valuable companies
In the world today, courtesy of the internet and the communications revolution some of the most valuable companies in the world are Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like and in reality what these companies do it little more than connect people.

What’s in a brand?
There has been some dialogue recently in one of the chat forums about the big brand consultancies and prominent academic institutions. Is it their brand or their capability that sets them apart? This is a wonderful question indeed?

Some Examples
It was announced on the weekend that the former head of the largest industrial union in Australia has joined one of the big four consulting firms as a Director. Some writers are indeed querying just what special skills he brings to that business. Has he ever worked in consulting, or in fact ever run a business?

In recent years a former Premier of Queensland retired as the Chairman of another of Australia’s big four consultancies, but from his vast political background, what special insights did he bring to the consulting game – little one may argue.

In past years some of our major telecommunications equipment manufacturers have “head hunted’ people from the large telecom companies, again one may ask, what special insights do these people have in the manufacturing business – the answer is probable none at all.

In all of the above cases it’s the contacts and connections of these people that matters.

Just as the top internet connectors are the most valuable in the world, so too are the most well connected people.

What’s the message?
I now have many thousands of people on my database and over the years have developed first class personal relationships with people and businesses in more than 28 countries. These connection have proved invaluable!

Folks – build your network and get connected…Roger La Salle, creator of the “Matrix Thinking” more

PCO Association partners with South Western Sydney Institute to provide extra skills and formal qualifications for members


Professional conference organisers will now have the opportunity to gain extra skills and formal qualifications at special rates thanks to a new partnership between the Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) Association and TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute (SWSi).

Under the partnership, PCO Association members will be able to gain an exclusive rate on:

  • An exclusive double Diploma of Events / Travel and Tourism;
  • Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Events; and
  • Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism.

Courses will equip PCO Association members with extra skills in leadership, project management, business relationships, proposals and bids, conference programs, business documentation, budgeting and risk management.

Students will have up to six months to complete their chosen course. The time taken to gain a formal qualification may be reduced as SWSi will recognise the relevant skills PCO Association members have already gained through work or prior study.

The next intake will be in October with a maximum of 15 places allocated for members.

SWSi Events Management Head Teacher Amanda Good said the exclusive offer to PCO Association members was a great opportunity for people in the industry to gain new skills and to advance their careers.

“Professional conference companies are increasingly looking for highly skilled organisers with formal qualifications,” Ms Good said.

“The great news is that PCO Association membership now gives you an opportunity to gain the formal qualifications employers are looking for at a special rate.”

SWSi is one of Australia’s largest educational institutions, delivering programs to more than 72,000 students every year in nine colleges across South Western Sydney, in workplaces all over Australia and internationally.

SWSi was awarded the 2013 Large Training Provider of the Year Award as part of the annual NSW Training Awards.

SWSi Events Management