Conference Management and the Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) What do you need to know?

Source: DC Conferences in Sydney

So you are looking at organising a conference and wondering where to start in selecting a PCO, or even thinking whether the organisation can manage this in-house? Where to start and what is involved?

No doubt you have been to many conferences and some have been better than others. Some run so seamlessly that you wonder whether this was just good luck or was there just not that much to it?


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Qualifications – A Case Study

With my experience, I don’t need them… 

For 15 years, June has worked as an events coördinator at the local council, where she organises six cultural events per annum, from 5,000 to 75,000 participants. She is highly organised and understands the logistics of managing an events calendar. But she had no formal qualifications.

June worried, that without qualifications, she might be “passed over” for promotion, by someone who didn’t have her experience, but had the “piece of paper”.

I had a couple of conversations with June on how her experience could be matched towards the national Diploma of Events. Her expertise was impressive. I was excited for June.

Through our conversations and June’s supporting documentation, June was qualified with a minimum of fuss and no classroom attendance. When the job for an Events Manager came up, June was qualified to apply. Not only did she have the depth of her experience, but she had her Diploma in Events.

This journey could be yours. The recognition process is really simple. Like June, you could ‘get qualified’ with a minimum of fuss and no classroom attendance

This case study was provided by Sharon Johnson, the Head Teacher in Travel &Tourism at South Western Sydney Institute, Bankstown. SWSi is working together with the PCO Association on a special project to have your experience recognised towards the Dual Diploma in Travel & Tourism and Events or the Dual Advanced Diploma in Travel & Tourism and Events. Within a very short time, you could be the proud owner of two nationally accredited qualifications, without going to a class.

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PCO Association at the sell-out “Convene Queensland”

Maxine Tod, PCO Assocation and Ian Philips, Direcor of Coastal Producation, a PCO Business Partner

Maxine Tod, PCO Association and Ian Philips, Director of Coastal Productions, a PCO Business Partner

Congratulations to Stu Freeman and the team from ProMag for the inaugural Convene Queensland Trade Show at the Brisbane Convention Centre.  The one day exhibition allows professionals who organise events  to source a diverse range of Queensland event products and services in one place, at one time.

The Exhibition was a sell-out and the Association booth attracted a lot of visitors that resulted in 11 new members and 3 new Business Partners.  Maxine Todd from the Association said “We received a lot of enquiries relating to Membership, Accreditation and the Annual Conference, and have a number of people to follow-up in the next week. We will certainly take a booth again next year”.