Why PCO Association Accreditation?

Accreditation provides clients and industry with an assurance that the Event Manager and or Event Management Business they are dealing with is committed to the highest quality event management business practices, consistency and reliability in the delivery of services, professional standards and dedication to continuous improvement. It offers peace of mind you are engaging with a qualified professional.

The PCO Association has two types of available Accreditation – Certified Event Manager (CEM) is the peak professional standard for event managers. Certified Event Company (CEC) is the peak professional standard for event companies.

AccreditationCEM certification is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments of intelligence/academic ability, industry qualifications, experience and quality of delivery.

CEM accreditation is offered across the various membership types with varying accreditation criteria for each member type.

For a company to be awarded CEC accreditation it must have a minimum of one CEM employed in the business and additionally satisfy certain other criteria.

Accreditation for CEM and CEC are for a period of three years, after which time the individual CEMor business need to apply again to maintain their accreditation.

If a CEC loses its sole remaining CEM, then that CEC will be required to relinquish its CEC status until the business has another CEM in its employ.

The Accreditation application forms and detials for both individuals and businesses can be downloaded from the PCO website

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PCOA17 Conference Digital Passport Scheme – Prize Winners Announced

Sarah and H2 InsuranceThank you to all of those who participated in the PCOA17 Digital Passport Scheme as part of the 10th Annual PCOA Conference & Exhibition 2017.

The random draw was conducted by Entegy, the Conference App provider.

Prize winners can be viewed by clicking here

Entegy Pty Ltd and H2 Insurance Solutions are PCO Association business partners

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So you’re headed off shore for your next event.

Whether you or your client has their destination sorted and you’re charged with giving the delegates the best experience of their life, you’re pitching for a job and obviously want to impress, or you’re charged with selecting a memorable location for a client, your first call should be to the Destination’s Convention Bureau.

If you’re role includes selecting an event destination, for the sake of making things easier, you may like to consider if the location has a dedicated MICE team and doubly better if that location has an Australian representative.

Working with the local Bureau – it seems logical and simple yet so for so many, their close working relationship pretty much concludes once the event destination is confirmed.

Bureaus of course are about firstly securing events but they’re also an under-utilised resource for making your job a lot easier during the planning stages. They’re not a replacement for a DMC but they will be well enough connected to suggest the best experiences and suppliers – after all it is totally in their interest to showcase their destination as best possible!

The local Bureau will be also have contacts in the right official places to assist you with cutting a path through red tape to secure money can’t buy opportunities such as official welcomes at airports or securing a section of the city for a part of your event. A Bureau will be connected to the right venues and be able to assist with site inspections. They’ll be on top of the latest incentive experiences, pre-post touring opportunities and importantly, they may also assist you with information on securing value-added support or a subsidy for your event.

Once done, a Bureau will have materials for your event website –images, information, video and other resources. Essentially, they are a connector to all things local at your destination of choice – and yet particularly with international destinations, they remain an untapped resource for PCO’s and Meeting Planners once an event is secured.

Part of the reasoning is tyranny of distance as well as language and cultural hurdles. It is why we mentioned at the start of this piece that on selecting a destination for an offshore business event, consideration should be given to those destinations with a Bureau specifically dedicated to MICE (some have combined MICE and Leisure). Furthermore, to make life even easier for yourself, look to destinations such as Thailand who have an on ground MICE team in Australia in Clockwise Consulting. It should be noted too, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) not being a paid member based organisation means all shared information will be unbiased.

Consider a life less stressful – it’s the Thai way and we look forward to working on making your Thailand experience as memorable as you’d want for both you and your client.

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Clockwise Consulting
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