Tania de Jong AM on speaking at the PCOA National Conference

Tania de Jong finalAs Tania de Jong AM gears up to speak at the Professional Conference Organisers Association National Conference in December, she opens up about why she has joined the program.

“I have spoken and performed at hundreds of conferences over the past three decades and produce the award-winning Creative Innovation Global conference series,” she says.

“Thus, I am passionate about the conference and events industry to bring people together to prepare for and manage challenges, opportunities and change.

“Our world is changing more rapidly than ever before, agility and flexibility are fundamental attributes to deal with increasing uncertainty and volatility. We also need to come together and unite as ONE community to solve increasing social and economic problems.

On her session topic, Thinking Outside the Box: Leading Innovation and Change, she says, “This era of globalisation is unleashing a massive wave of technological, economic and sociological change. Innovation is coming from everywhere. Almost anyone can be an entrepreneur.

“A number of leading authorities have suggested that 40-60% of current middle-class jobs could become redundant over the next decade due to artificial intelligence, robotics and other new technologies. We will need to be more creative and innovative than ever before.

“Empowered people and groups are thinking ‘outside the box’ and challenging the established order in new ways never before imaginable – from building new business models and social enterprises to challenging old institutions.”

Tania’s keynote will look at developing a creative, intuitive, right-brained and agile mindset, thinking ‘outside the box’, dealing with failure and developing resilience, building a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for business growth, preparing for and managing in times of uncertainty, disruption and change, understanding the role of diversity in increase your organisation’s productivity and sustainable growth and making a difference to the communities in which a business operates.

De Jong is the Founder and CEO of Creative Universe, Creative Australia and Creative Innovation Global.

Click here for information on the 11th Annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition, being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, between 9 – 11 December 2018

The Tech Titans: How Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are Reshaping Competition for Every Business on Earth

Stephen Scheeler

Stephen Scheeler

Stephen Scheeler, Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand tells us  – Why he accepted to be a Featured Speaker at PCOA18.

“I find speaking to be one of the best ways for sharing my experience and message with a wider audience, and for tapping into how people from all sectors of the economy are coping with the digital onslaught. PCOA18 is a premier platform for reaching these audiences.

“Although originally from the US, I’ve lived in Australia for over 20 years, and my personal mission is to see Australia become one of the world’s leading digital economies by 2030. Australian consumers are tremendous adopters of digital technologies, but Australian business and government risk falling behind.

“Over my years at Facebook, I became increasingly concerned by the lack of awareness, will and action on the part of Australia’s business and government leaders in relation to technology disruption. After retiring from Facebook, I founded The Digital CEO to help Australia build the global digital leaders of the future – products, services, companies and people who can truly disrupt the world.

My presentation “The Tech Titans: How Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are Reshaping Competition for Every Business on Earth” will sit well with the PCOA18 conference theme, “Embracing Change’ – How Agile Are You?’ Since leaving Facebook, much of my time is focused on helping business leaders reinvent themselves and their companies to compete in the 21st century. One of the biggest factors driving disruption in recent years has been the rise of the tech giants – Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. I was lucky enough to lead one of these companies, and my talk will delve into how the unprecedented scale and power of the platforms these companies have built are forcing every business and leader on earth to rethink their approach to business, and the speed with which they now must move”.

There will be three key messages for delegates to take away from Stephens presentation:-
1. Business has been global for decades, but the tech titans have built superhighways (“platforms”) where until recently there were only dirt roads. Thousands of smart companies are now leveraging these platforms to take their products and services around the world and capture new customers and revenue.

2. Speed is king! The tech titans have grown to levels of global dominance faster than any companies in history. They are only the most obvious harbingers of what every business now must master in order to survive: moving faster!

3. Excellence in data is the new competitive advantage. The tech titans are, at their hearts, masterful data machines who collect, analyse and derive value from data at a scale never before seen. In the future, every company large and small needs to make data the centre of their business.

Stephens says, “our industry is as prone to disruption as any other! So, in order to survive and thrive, you need to master new (or advanced) skills around elements like vision, data dexterity, customer obsession and speed. The most innovative newcomers will re-imagine the events industry and then make that vision a reality – that’s an exciting prospect!

Stephen Scheeler  is sponsored by Saxton Speakers BureauSaxtonFor more information on the PCOA18 conference click here

Getting to grips with machine intelligence with PCOA18 speaker Tomer Garzberg

As the Professional Conference Organisers Association gears up for their national conference and exhibition in December, they caught up with one of their featured speakers, Tomer Garzberg, founder and CEO of GRONADE.com.

Tomer-GarzbergQ – Can you tell us a what the philosophy is behind GRONADE?

Throughout history, humanity has seen its share of disruptive technologies, yet some were so pivotal to how far ahead we could propel ourselves, that it changed the course of how modern society evolves. These pivotal technologies include the steam engine and the domestication of electricity, even more so than the personal computer did. We are about to experience the ‘new electricity’, that is, machine intelligence (commonly referred to as artificial intelligence).

Machine intelligence has the potential to liberate us from mundane labour, and free us to be contributing to society in ways where machines simply cannot. It makes us more human.

Q – Why did you accept to speak at PCOA18?

I’m a big believer that, while the common phrase ‘the Future of Work’ tends to focus on what might become of our work life as machine intelligence takes a foothold in our careers, it’s a great opportunity to speak about the reality of how machine intelligence is practically changing the world today.

Q – How will your presentation – the Future of Work resonate with the PCOA18 conference theme, ‘Embracing Change – How Agile Are You?’?

I want to help create a dialogue where machine intelligence doesn’t simply induce the fear of unknown, but the understanding of what it can do, its limitations and opportunities, and how to embrace this inevitable change as opposed to having to deal with an existential crisis.

Q – What are the three key messages delegates will take away from your presentation?

What actually is artificial intelligence, and the limitations of today’s algorithms
Why the shift towards artificial augmentation of human tasks is inevitable
How human mindsets and their workplaces must evolve as the notion of work changes
Q – What advice can you give to those entering the ever-changing events industry?

No industry is immune to change, and while some industries are more human-to-human-centric operationally, it’s the peripheral tasks outside of the obvious which will recalibrate due to machine-led disruption. So if change really is inevitable, embracing it is the primary catalyst for capitalising on the opportunities at hand. Identify the inefficiencies in every facet of your industry, focus on where our organisation leaves the most money on the table, and this will guide you as to where machine intelligence can transform your organisation, and your industry, forever.

SaxtonTomer Garzberg is sponsored by Saxton Speakers Bureau.

The 11th annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre between 9-11 December.

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