Keeping your Flagship Fresh

Nesrene-OConnell_-Headshot-SMLJoin us for Nesrene O’Connell’s presentation – Same Same? How to Keep Your Flagship Events Fresh at the annual 11th PCOA18 conference.

Do you run an annual conference? Do you fear people will walk in and say, oh, it’s the same as last year! Do you NEED and WANT to keep it fresh Year on Year? This session covers some of the strategies on planning annual conferences.

Q. – Nes, can you tell us a little about your position as Head of ANZ Event Marketing and APJ Event Strategy

A. – I lead the Event Experience Marketing team to deliver Cisco’s award-winning face-to-face experiences in Australia and New Zealand, including the flagship customer engagement program, Cisco Live. In addition, I work with the region in Asia Pacific and Japan on Cisco’s customer and partner event strategy.

Q. – Why did you accept to speak at PCOA18?

A – I have been in the industry for nearly 20 years and I have learnt most of what I know through practice and those willing to share their experiences.

Q. -How will your presentation – Same Same? How to Keep Your Flagship Events Fresh, resonate with the PCOA18 conference theme, Embracing Change’ – How Agile Are You?’

A – I believe Events are really an experience – taking your attendees on a journey. Each journey needs to be unique and have an element of surprise. To achieve that, you have to be agile and research the next best thing!

Q. – What are the three key messages delegates will take away from your presentation?

A. – Innovation and Creativity, The Attendee Experience and Keeping it Current

Q – What advise can you give to those entering the ever-changing events industry?

A – Event Management is a rollercoaster. There are lots of ups and downs, however the job satisfaction piece is incredibly high. Stand back and take in all you achieve. AND…most importantly, comfortable shoes are a MUST, lots of them! Switch 2-3 times throughout the day. You can’t afford to miss Australia’s leading Meetings Industry Conference.

Nes is passionate about the impact events have on Cisco’s brand and growth objectives and the powerful platform of connecting like-minded individuals to create unforgettable experiences.

Join us for the 11th Annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, between 9 and 11 December 2018

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World Vision ambassador Samantha Gash to share her insights at PCOA18

India, Sam Gash pre trip

India, Sam Gash pre trip

An endurance athlete and a social advocate – as well as a reformed corporate lawyer. As a World Vision ambassador, Samantha Gash uses endurance expeditions to achieve her mission: to remove barriers to education for the world’s children.

Samantha said, “I accepted to speak at PCOA18 because every chance I get to share my insights and stories with companies motivates me tremendously. My work as a speaker allows me to not only train companies in resilience and leadership, but to also share my vision of how you can achieve great goals with a lot of small steps.

“Any team or leader will encounter obstacles – it’s how you respond to them that matters. I use my running expeditions to show how I achieved this: by taking a lot of small steps every hour of every day, even the smallest person can achieve something great.

“My experiences have taught me that methodical preparation is crucial but the key factor in success is your willing to be adaptable. My presentation shows the power of agility whether you are running through the desert, leading a team or working towards long term personal goals”.

PCOA18 delegates will take away three key messages from Samantha’s presentation

(1) Execution is key.
Dreaming big is important – doing is always the hard bit. Planning, risk mitigation, and responding to failures are cornerstones of great execution. I will share insights on framing failure, and relentless forward motion needed to ensure execution.

(2) Building and Leading a Highly Functional Team
Identifying and empowering your ‘support team’ is often a key enabler. A ‘misfit’ team of non-runners, family, friends, and mavericks supported our push to achieve our mission. Diversity, hilarity and tears were ever present in these endeavours, and you might find some gems in my approach to team building.

(3) Composure and resilience under duress.
Making the right decisions when under extreme stress can be the defining factor. Using a harrowing story, Sam shares a lesson on the human psyche, and how it relates to leading (and following) in chaos.

Samantha advises those entering the ever-changing events industry. People are looking for an an experience that will not only help them perform better at work, but may change their whole lives for the better. Instead of looking for mild entertainers, look for speakers that are willing to share the truly tough insights that will lead to real change in people’s lives.ICMI

Fire and Ice: Purpose, Fear and Resilience From the Smallest Girl in the Desert – Sponsored by ICMI Speakers & Entertainers

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