A special welcome to our new PCO business partners who joined in March/April

a_SIG2The PCO Association’s Business Partner Program is available to organisations with an interest in, or who supply to the conference and events sector. The Business Partner Program was developed to facilitate engagement between Professional Conference Organisers and the greater conference, meetings, and events community.

It’s a great way to work with conference planners and organisers, get further details including Maxine Tod’s (Director of Business Partnerships) contact information here 

A special welcome to our new business partners who joined in March/April

  • Skycity Auckland Convention Centre
  • Corporate Traveller
  • Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Royal International Convention Centre (Royal ICC)
  • Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP) and Sea World Resort.
  • MICEBTN Media

Work with our business partners on your next event, see the full list here


The Meetings Industry has come of age – PCO Conference 2014

pcoblogside“The Meetings Industry has come of age. It has firmly placed itself at the center of tourism as one of the key drivers of the sector’s development and an important generator of income, employment and investment.” – Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, World Tourism Organization in this year’s Global Report on the Meetings Industry.

The sector continues to expand in our part of the of the world, with the addition of many new meetings venues both publicly and privately funded. While “bricks and mortar capacity” is growing rapidly, the nature of meeting and event design, delivery, marketing and management is in a state of transition.

Just as the old sales models were about cold calling, product demos and lead qualification, the new model is about social networks, education and engagement.

The communication cycle is now a “conference to conference” activity and involves many technology mediums. Delegates want to be more engaged in the process both before and after the conference or event.

Convenors and event owner’s expectations are changing, along with those of sponsors and exhibitors, so how do event managers accommodate and identify these changes?

This year’s conference will continue the conversations we started in Melbourne in 2013. We will examine the relationships and interdependence between venues, transport, delegates, convenors, managers, technologies, governments and clients.

How are the expectations of each group changing?

How will we build the next generation of successful meetings and events? Join us in Canberra and help answer the question!

Annual PCO Conference and Exhibition  – “Building Business Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand”
National Convention Center Canberra – 30th November to the 2nd of December 2014 – http://conference.pco.asn.au


Mike Pickford – New PCO Association Councilor in Victoria

Keeping Australia MeetingMike Pickford, Executive Director of ASN Events Pty Ltd, as been appointed Victorian Councilor of PCO Association.  ASN Events was formed by Mike Pickford and Simon Monk in 1990. After initially running the Great Australian Science Show and the Country Living Show, both public education events, the Directors changed the company direction in 1996 at the request of some of their clients and have since become nationally recognized for their event and conference management skills. The company specialises in bringing ideas to fruition.

Part of Mike’s role will be to facilitate activities in Melbourne throughout the year and to discuss issues of relevance and share his experience on Industry matters.

Mike will take over from Suzanne Hart who was a foundation Councillor of the Association and has served since 2007.  Suzanne’s contribution to the Association, particularly in the early years, has been outstanding. Her experience and expertise greatly contributed to the development and success of the organisation.

In recognition of her outstanding contribution Suzanne has been awarded life membership of the PCO Association.

Contact: Maxine Tod, PCO Association Inc, Phone: 0435 103 912  Email: maxine@pco.asn.au