Around the room block booking: How much money are you losing?

Around the block booking – or pirate booking – when attendees are tricked into booking rooms outside the official conference room block is one of the most important discussion topics of the year. The word ‘attrition’ is now heard on a daily basis- leaving even the most confident meeting planners shaking in their boots. Pirates, we declare, pirates!

ABTS Convention services, a global company specialising in serving medical associations in the US developed “Support Associations, Book Official!”, a meetings industry awareness campaign designed to counteract increasingly larger industry challenges caused by ‘around the block’ booking.

The website allows interested event planners and associations to estimate their revenue loss due to around the block bookings through a free to use Revenue Loss Calculator. Interested event planners and associations can now download the whitepaper “AROUND THE BLOCK BOOKING: HOW MUCH MONEY ARE YOU LOSING?” to find best steps and recommendations to protect your meeting.

Source: Chris Hurd at MiceBTN

New Zealand allow non-resident businesses to register for and claim GST

The NZ Government amended their Goods and Services Tax Act to allow businesses which are non-residents of New Zealand to register for GST in New Zealand, effective from 1 April 2014.

This will allow non-resident businesses to register for GST and claim GST input credits if they:

  • Receive goods or services in New Zealand and
  • Don’t carry out a taxable activity or make taxable supplies in New Zealand (i.e. the non-resident does not provide any goods or services in New Zealand).

These amendments would allow an Australian resident company to register for GST in New Zealand, even if they have no taxable activities in New Zealand, and claim the GST paid on New Zealand conference expenses.  For example, an Australian company with no activities in New Zealand organises a conference for their managers to be held in New Zealand and pays for the various expenses associated with the conference (e.g. accommodation, venue hire, meals etc).  Under the new rules, this Australian company must register for GST in New Zealand and claim back the NZ GST included in the NZ acquisitions (rather than present your receipts at the airport and claim on the way out of the country).

So it can be done – just more work for the PCO/Event Manager.

Details of this update can be found in the following link (including how you go about registering):

Check with your accountant for further details.