How do you evaluate vendors for your events

If you know organizing transportation is something your company has done in the past, one of the best favors you can pay yourself is to be pro-active and start your search for a transportation provider in advance, before you even have a date or event to consider.That way, when the call comes, you’ll be ready!

Finding the Right Provider: Focus on Customer Service

What are some of the most important factors to consider?

I would argue that good service is the key to all successful travel. So you want to focus your search on finding a quality provider, not just any old provider who offers to do the job.

I think we are all familiar as consumers about what service is about. It is being attentive and taking care of requests and doing it in a hospitable way. But it is also fundamentally about being good at your job. In order to provide good customer service, the service part of what you’re offering has to be right for the client. In ground transportation, that means being on time, not getting lost, taking the most efficient route, showing up with clean and well-maintained vehicles and generally making your passengers feel right at home.

In trying to book an event transportation provider when you have no experience, the first thing you should do is canvass your co-workers or perhaps other resources in the company, friends, other vendors or partners and see if they have any experience with transportation companies and what their experiences were. Hopefully you’ll come up with some good leads. If not, no worries, you still have the World Wide Web at your disposal.

So as you start to research companies online, your first line of information is going to be what these companies say about themselves on their site. If they’re on the right track, you should be able to pick up from their literature about their customer service orientation and how they go to great lengths to satisfy the customer. At least, that is what you want to see…more

Building a B2B community around your events and conferences

Building a Community in EventsContemporary customers are looking for more than a purely transactional relationship with your brand – they want to interact with you. It’s true. Part of that relies on creating interesting and consistent content for your audience to engage with (blogs, videos, interviews, ebooks, photos) but, as an extension to your inbound marketing for events, it also involves building a community.

Establishing a community will help retain customer loyalty amongst the glut of event marketing competitors all clamouring for attention, as well as attract the “right” kind of new customer. A community is a two-way conversation.

A living, breathing thing that’s interactive and social. Ok so there will always be some bystanders in the crowd that just watch and listen – but many will also participate and share, which is where the community weapon really plays out.

A closer look at technology in hotels

technology-icons_sqConsumers are becoming very sophisticated about technology in their professional and personal lives and this in turn raises their technology expectations from hotels. Indeed, the technology a hotel offers is now a very important consideration guests factor in when choosing a hotel.

Savvy hotels are increasing their tech spending to meet customers’ expectations by adapting their guest rooms, banquets, restaurants and front desks to today’s technology advances. Let’s take a closer look at the current trends and some specific implementations.

Technologies at the front desk/concierge
B Hotels & Resorts have a custom-designed concierge service for each property aiming at providing their customers with a more comfortable and customizable travel experience. B Hotels & Resorts partnered with Monscierge to provide instant access to information about everything from hotel amenities to weather forecasts, flight updates, local tips and more. It updates automatically to provide real-time information to guests staying at the hotels or remotely through their devices. This touchscreen concierge technology has the capability of providing complete interactive applications and all related content in 12 languages, making it attractive as the company grows, both nationally and globally. B Hotels & Resorts plans to roll out more features of the app that will showcase an interactive communication between team members and customers and allows the latter to order room service, call valet, request housekeeping services or extra pillows, and More