ICCA Workshop Highlights Discord – PCOs Face Competition

An International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Hybrid Workshop on the Future for Association Outsourcing held during ICCA’s annual research, sales and marketing program in Amsterdam found that associations and suppliers were not always in alignment when thinking about this topic, but that it was a critical, complex issue that all meetings industry suppliers need to understand better. Key findings from the session included: Suppliers primarily see outsourcing as a way for association clients to save money; associations are more motivated by the wish to raise quality standards, or to make effective use of more advanced technology; a majority of associations surveyed had recently brought some outsourced services back in house, essentially to take closer control of areas that are seen as “mission critical”; both suppliers and associations agreed that there will be significantly more outsourcing over the coming five years, and that competition between companies offering outsourcing will increase. Outsourcing is going to become more important.

A poll during the workshop showed meetings logistics are not the only functions being outsourced: Online marketing, communication and PR, IT and financial services, and full association management, are being taken up and offered. PCOs face competition from association management companies, IT companies, communication/marketing agencies, and even other associations which are exploiting their in-house expertise by offering this to sister organisations.

Martin Sirk, ceo ICCA commented: “What is clear is that this is a highly complex issue, with some associations bringing services back in-house, some looking to outsource more, and with more and different forms of competition. Associations that used to be monopoly providers of knowledge in their respective fields are now facing a tremendously competitive marketplace, so are looking for any business model that will help to make them become more efficient and not only within their meetings function. “This has massive implications for how suppliers will interact with association clients in future, in that they may have to deal primarily with intermediaries who are controlling more and more of the decision-making. At the same time, associations are telling us that the critical issue is their ongoing relationship with their members: any outsourcer needs to respect this fact if they want to be successful.” Source Chris Hurd, MiceBTN

What To Measure From Your Post-Event Data

This is a great article on event data… Is capturing attendee data vital in measuring the success of your event?  Will it ensure the sustained viability of the event for years to come?

The answer is YES!  We know events generate copious amounts of data, and while all of it may be relevant, it’s important to mine the data because it will lead to better business decisions and ROI.
Let’s start with a few small steps that can make a big difference. Your business objectives are a great place to help determine which data should be collected along with the best method for capturing it.

For most associations, the easiest place to start the process is through the deployment of a post-event survey. Below are several of the major categories of data that can be captured relative to your event.

Post originally authored by Jennifer Lion, ProjectMeasuring Your Post-Event Data Manager, Experient

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Company Accreditation for Event Management Companies

PCO Accreditation SealCompany accreditation was introduced by the PCO Association in 2009, since then twenty-four companies have been approved by an independent Auditor.  At present there are fifteen whose accreditation is current.

Any company whose primary role in business is conference and event management and who have a minimum of one accredited CEM in their employ can apply for accreditation.  Once the application and supporting documentation has been completed a review of the material will be conducted including discussions with referees and suppliers.  This process is undertaken by an independent Auditor.

Following the evaluation process the documentation provided is returned directly to the applicant and the PCO Association will be notified only if the submission is successful.  The applicant’s details will be then be promoted to the Associations data base and social media network.  If unsuccessful, the applicant will be informed by the Auditor why they were unsuccessful and will have an opportunity to provide any additional information, (within a 30 day time limit), to enable their application assessment to continue.

The PCO Association does not have access to the information provided by the applicant. This is to ensure the applicants privacy from peers who may be competitors.  Accredited PCO Companies are valued for their commitment to excellence and promoted to the client markets through advertising, email campaigns and social media.

Download the application forms here

Accredited Event Management Companies
All Occasions Group, SA | ASN Events Pty Ltd, VIC | AST Management Pty Ltd, Qld
Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, QLD | Conference Logistics, ACT
Consec Conference Management, ACT | Convention Management NZ Ltd, NZ
DC Conferences Pty Ltd, NSW | EECW Pty Ltd, WA | Iceberg Events, QLD
Leishman Associates TAS | Organisers Australia, QLD | QUT Events, QLD
Sane Event Group, NSW | The Association Specialists, NSW

The Association also manages an accreditation program for individual Meetings and Event Managers, see the website for details.