Positive Federal Budget for Business Events as Australia Sets its Sights on World Top 10

AACB media releaseThe Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) has welcomed the Federal Government’s modest increase in funding for Tourism Australia as we set our sights on returning to the world top 10 of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Country Rankings.

Last Tuesday night’s federal budget confirmed that funding has been secured for Tourism Australia, with an increase of approximately $17 million over the next four years, taking into account positive foreign exchange impacts. But more could be done, noting the Government’s current over-collection of taxes on the tourism industry.

AACB CEO, Andrew Hiebl says that: “In order to realise continued growth in tourism exports across the next decade, stronger investment in the nation’s tourism agency is required. Enhancing Australia’s position as a leading business events destination relies on this.”

The ICCA Country Rankings released earlier this week show that Australia has moved from 16th to 14th with a total of 258 international association meetings held in 2017 (up 47).

“While we have our eye on returning to top 10, the position last held in 2006, we are in operating in a highly competitive industry with strong regional competition from Japan (7th), China (8th) and the Republic of Korea (13th), said Hiebl.

“However, we are confident that policies such as the $12 million national bid fund announced by Minister Ciobo in March will help Australia secure more lucrative business events, especially when competing against its Asian rivals.”

Australia’s star performers include Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Cairns, all increasing the number of international association meetings held year-on-year, with Brisbane holding on to 3rd position in Australia.

“We are pleased to see the success of these destinations. A core function of the AACB is to facilitate collaboration amongst its members. This allows them to share performance data and best practices to grow the overall business events industry in Australia.”

While Sydney and Melbourne made it to the top 10 in the Asia Pacific rankings, at 7th and 9th respectively, Australian destinations are still facing strong competition from Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. Australia ranked 4th in the Asia Pacific Region for 2017, holding against the previous year.

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In case you missed it… Forward Calendar Report is now available

AACB recently released its latest edition of the Forward Calendar of International Business Events Report, containing an analysis of bids won, lost and bids in the pipeline by its members for the years ahead (from Jan 2018). Business events are unique in that they are the only tourism sector that provides a vision of confirmed future business.

361 international business events have been secured by AACB’s members, translating to 1,615 event days and 358,035 delegates who will go on to spend almost $1 billion. The top 3 industries attracted are Health Care and Social Assistance (33.5%), Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (18.3%), and Financial and Insurance Services (6.9%).

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Event planning – how hard can it be?

Peta Moore 15.3.17Has planning your next staff or client conference just been added to your never-ending ‘to-do’ list? You have great organisational and people management skills, perhaps even a little creative flair, so what could go wrong?

More and more these days EAs and PAs are given planning responsibilities for the most important events their organisations hold each year. Having a simple checklist is imperative to ensuring the event runs smoothly and should minimise the chances of things going off the rails.

Following is my list of the top five most important things to remember when planning your next event.

Define the objectives of your event
Involve all stakeholders and make sure everyone is clear on what the purpose of the event is from a business outcomes and/or behavioural change perspective. This will enable you to measure the success of the event and will ensure you have a compelling reason for people to attend.

Know your audience
Whether your event is internal or external, you should profile your delegates to understand why they would attend and what they want to get out of attending. Defining your target audience is the key to increasing attendance numbers and ensuring you develop an engaging program.

Consider all the logistics
This is a big one I know! There are many layers of checklists within this one point, but essentially make sure you have a plan and set deadlines around venue, catering, parking, accommodation, entertainment, speakers and audio visual/staging etc.

Let people know about your event
Don’t leave it to the last minute to invite your guests – give them time to plan to attend. If it is an external event, consider and plan multiple communications via different channels. An email invitation can easily get lost these days, so consider printed mail, social media or even phone calls.

Set a budget – and stick to it!
Draft a budget, including allowances for each element of the event, when you start planning. This will assist in making decisions quickly, and ensure you avoid any nasty surprises along the way.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning successful events. Keeping up to date with the latest event trends across technology, venues, marketing, content and audience engagement can be difficult in such a dynamic industry. As program director of the 2018 PCOA conference, it is my objective to bring together all of this information and share it with our delegates over two and a half days from December 9 to 11.

The program, not just for professional conference organisers, is developed for anyone who is involved in event planning. The best way to develop the ultimate ‘event planner to-do list’ for your next event would be to spend time sharing and learning from others, so pop the dates in your diary and keep your eye out for more details at pco.asn.au/conference

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Peta Moore – Program Director
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